Life is all about having a direction

Sufyan bin Abdullah (رضي الله عنه) asked 'O Messenger of Allah, tell me something about Islam which I can ask of no one but you.' He (ﷺ) said, 'Say "I believe in Allah" — and then be steadfast (go straight).'" [Muslim]

Life is all about having a direction. Having a direction of travel makes us human. When you travel on a journey you need to know where and to whom you are travelling to, be equipped to reach your final destination, and overcome the challenges that lay on the path ahead.

Where and to whom we are travelling to is Allah. We all have a theoretical awareness on this journey but we struggle to have a willingness to act on it. We are aware of Him and the path that leads to Him but we aren’t sufficiently equipped for that journey as we become disoriented from the challenges and puzzles in life.

What is missing are the tools and life advice to equip us and overcome our challenges and ultimately reach our destination. There is a lack of contemporary self-improvement Muslim educational practice. Faith offers support and self-connectivity, building resilience and skills for life however Muslims have nowhere to turn to. Our educational expectations have changed too, traditional delivery of education is not as actionable or practical, it doesn’t feel as relevant in our everyday lives. Even when we do engage with it, we find it difficult to apply it to our lives.

Towards Faith (ex Ramadan Legacy founded in 2014) is an educational lifestyle brand that builds practical and innovative self-improvement tools and learning experiences for Muslims to equip them to overcome their personal everyday life challenges and lead a spiritually connected life. We offer a variety of guided journals, workshops and courses covering daily spirituality, worship, purpose, work, relationships, mindfulness, decision making and more. Our work has impacted hundreds of thousands of Muslims globally - and we’re just getting started.

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We began as Ramadan Legacy

We began our journey through helping Muslims to learn, love and live their faith through the month of Ramadan through our brand Ramadan Legacy. We believed that Ramadan is a journey towards Allah, it inspires and transforms us to become the best of who we are. However we realised that Ramadan is only a part of that journey.

But our companions asked for something more

Our Ramadan Legacy mobile app, planners and courses helped hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the world to journey towards Allah in a reflective, practical and meaningful way. We perfected our Ramadan products over the past 6-years and created educational products that Muslims actually loved to use. However, one of the phrases that our audience said to us repeatedly time and time again was: “Can you build products to help us for the rest of the year?”.

Meet Our Team


Educator, workshop facilitator, speaker and dad. 10-year international career in corporate services as a CA. Multiple diplomas from Cambridge Islamic College and iSyllabus UK. Specialist in synthesising deep knowledge into practical everyday tools.

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Operations expert, editor, seeker and mum. CEO at Sanguine Executive and Sales Exec at Towards Faith. Passionate about travelling, leadership, business and parenting.


Author, educator, child educational specialist, trainee teacher and mum. Passionate about giving children an educational, interactive and character building experience when learning about Islam.

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Instructor, speaker and Da'ee. Specialising in computer applications and programming. Studied Islamic sciences under various teachers and scholars around the world. Loves finding deep answers lying within Islam and helping people connect with them meaningfully and practically.


Towards Faith 2022 Intern. An ambitious and hardworking 2nd year
Physiotherapy student with proven
self-development and communication skills.

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