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Morning & Evening Daily Journal Launching Winter 2021

Spirituality | Success | Structure

Faith & Focus is a 90-day Morning & Evening Guided Journal to bring spirituality, success and structure to your everyday life. It’s designed to help you consciously connect to Allah and your goals and overcome overwhelm, distractions and feeling spiritually incomplete. Inspired by timeless wisdom in the Qur’an. Backed by science and psychology. Built for beginners.

Dawn Edition
Dusk Edition
Sky Edition
Calm Edition

What's Inside?

Learn the why behind acts of daily worship you can easily merge into in your daily lifestyle, that will make you extraordinary.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced daily routines giving you a gradual journey of guaranteed progress.

Two pages to save your day, everyday. A 90-day guided journal for peaceful being and purposeful doing.

Morning, evening, night supplications that compliment and boost your daily routine.

The Story Behind Our New Tool

We're All Wandering Through Our Day

We sink into bed exhausted, but nothing feels done. We wake up and the morning rush puts us on autopilot. In this world of distractions and overwhelm our two greatest priorities take a back seat, our faith and focus.

The Qur'an Solves This Daily Struggle

The Qur’an holds an ancient wisdom and principle that solves this daily struggle. If we focus on our faith, specifically in the morning and evenings, we can set ourselves up for spiritually, success and structure every single day. Even further, we can win the goodness and guardianship of God in all areas and activities in our daily life. Throughout the Qur’an, over 32 times, Allah pairs these two parts of the day for a reason. To give us a daily framework we can all live by. “Remember the name of your Lord in the morning and evening …” [76:25]

It's Time To Rescue Our Days Beyond Just Ramadan

After the successful launch of our Ramadan Legacy Journal, used by over 35,000 Muslims around the world, our team at Towards Faith aimed to solve the daily spirituality problem we all face but in the simplest, easiest and most practical way possible for everyone. 

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