Practice Mindfulness & Worship With This Amazing Ramadan Legacy Planner


Life’s biggest questions are often the toughest.

You know the ones I’m talking about right? The ones that we think about in those pockets of time we rarely get. Who am I? Where am I heading in life? Am I doing what God wants me to do? Am I in the right career? Why am I doing what I’m doing?  We know they are so important, but the pace of life forces us to brush them underneath the carpet.

The month of Ramadan is a month where Allah brings clarity and meaning back into our lives. The time spent in Ramadan is often the most special moments in our lives. Our hearts open up to new secrets it’s always kept, we align ourselves with Allah and what his plan is for us and we become who we truly want to be.

All of that wisdom and knowledge that we gain is often lost because we don’t capture it. We don’t plan for the month of Ramadan. We don’t plan to receive this immense blessing and therefore we miss out on them. One year on, we are exactly the same person we were last year and this endless cycle of nothingness continues in our soul.


A Planner That Inspires You To Lead A Purpose Driven Life

That’s why we created the Towards Faith Planner, and why tens of thousands of Muslims actively use the planner leading up to Ramadan and beyond. To bring purpose, meaning and clarity back into their lives. It just so happens that this beautiful build up to Ramadan and beyond gives us the apt time to do so.

We’ve done a deep dive into how the planner walks you through the key stages on how to reset for the year and have a life-changing 3-months across the month of Sha’ban, Ramadan and Shawwal.


If You Are Looking To Press The Refresh Button In Life Then This Planner Is For You

The Towards Faith Planner is for anyone who wants to press the refresh button on their life. Is your relationship with Allah stale and needs invigorated? The planner is popular amongst students, professionals, young adults and parents. Muslims who want a tool that does most of the thinking for them and they have a step by step roadmap to achieving something significant in their life.


  • It’s easy to follow and relevant for all levels of spirituality from a new Muslim to being a Sheikh;
  • It’s broken down into key stages that are clearly marked and walk you through from Sha’ban, Ramadan and Shawwal;
  • It’s beautifully designed and laid out giving you an easy path to follow but meaningful and personal at the same time


What Makes This Planner Loved By 10'000's Across The World?

Never Seen Before Content

  • The beautiful layout and flow of the planner allows you to ease into your spirituality and start to gain momentum with worshipping Allah.
  • This planner is not filled with multiple hadith and commentaries and tells you what to do, instead it gives you wisdom and guides you to create a personal plan that means something to you. 

Elegant Islamic Design

  • We collaborated with Islamic artists, Sandy Kurt, to design these beautiful editions centred around authentic religious designs. From the Rose of Faith to the Fajr Sunrise you will be inspired to come closer to Allah on the inside and out. T

Handcrafted Exclusive Quality

  • The Planner has a soft leather cover and Japanese speciart quality pages with a sewn binding. It feels premium in your hands and you will want to pick it up! The planner is also full colour with beautiful illustrations on the inside. At an A5 size and it’s flexi-binding it can fit into your bag and be with you wherever you go.


Let’s Get Into It What’s Inside The Planner? 

It All Starts With The Month of Sha’ban

Let’s face it, the past 10 months your spirituality levels have went up and down. Before Ramadan begins you need to get your deen back on track. Our pre-Ramadan section gives you a practical personal development plan to help you spiritually prepare for the month of Ramadan and course correct your worship routine. Follow our simple 5-point plan to enter Ramadan with an imaan filled heart.

  • Gives wisdom behind month of Sha'ban
  • Practical worship you can implement daily
  • 5-point goal plan to bring fasting, qur'an, praying, du'a and dhikr back into your daily life.


Month Of Sha'ban Planner


Kickstart With A Ramadan Roadmap

Before Ramadan even starts! Learn inspirational knowledge that you need to internalize the purpose of Ramadan and cover off on the beautiful highlights of the key stages of Ramadan in terms of its spiritual depth and importance in your life. Remind yourself of the authentic du’as, tips, tricks and  watch a welcome video.

  • Why does Ramadan even exist? The Wisdom!
  • 9 key milestones to having a fulfilling Ramadan
  • Powerful authentic du'as for Ramadan
  • Daily adhkar - short and mighty!



Ramadan Preparation: Reflect & Plan Before Ramadan Begins

We take you through powerful reflective exercises to help you understand where you are with your faith, where you want to go and how to get there. There are five key exercises that cover everything from writing your personal journey since last Ramadan, setting your vision and goals, creating a master du’a list, focusing on your Ramadan goals specifically and mapping that out on a 30-day action plan.

  • Exercise 1: Write down your story since last Ramadan, evaluate where you are in life!
  • Exercise 2: What are your religious and spiritual passions in life? What dreams and goals do you have with your faith?
  • Exercise 3: Creating a master du'a list, now that you know where you are and where you want to go, what du'as do you need to get you there?
  • Exercise 4: Let's hone in on Ramadan, let's select just one of those key goals and changes you want to make to your life and plan out how to achieve this, in this Ramadan
  • Exercise 5: Let's now plan this out in the 30-day action plan! See next section below Powerful authentic du'as for Ramadan



Conquer Your 30-Day Ramadan Action Plan

Never miss an act of worship with our 30-day action plan, featuring a daily schedule, checklist of prayers, Qur’an tracker, sunnah habits, goal tracking, and daily reflective space to journal each day. We also have personal reflection check-ins to give you space to breathe along the way and make sure you are on track for a successful Ramadan.

  • Simple daily Ramadan time organiser
  • Record fasting and excused fasting days
  • Checklist of prayers to perform including Taraweeh
  • Qur'an reading journal and tracker
  • Sunnah habits to implement every day
  • Daily inspirational quote
  • 3 daily goals to set which are inspired from your goal setting exercise in the Ramadan prep section
  • Daily reflection space for review and evaluation


Laylat-al Qadr Mini Section

The last 10 nights brings about a special peace and blessing that no other time in the year could bring. The planner contains a beautiful guide on how to personally approach these last 10 days of Ramadan and marking the nights which could be Laylat al-Qadr.

  • Marking the days that can be Laylat al-Qadr
  • 8 tips on how to have an effective Laylat al-Qadr
  • Wisdom and guidance on du'a and deeds during these blessed days



Ramadan Completion, Reflection & Eid

It doesn't stop there, we provide you with a guide on what to do after Ramadan ends so you can maintain it’s essence even when you say goodbye. This includes end of Ramadan reflection exercises, personal development planning, and Eid checklist and more.

  • End of year Ramadan reflection exercise
  • Personal plan on how to continue beyond Ramadan using simple Start, Stop, Continue method
  • How to celebrate Eid and an Eid checklist
  • Moving forward with fasting after Ramadan with 6 Shawwal fasts



30-Day Month of Shawwal Planner

One of the biggest pain points after Ramadan is what do I do next? You’ve been organised and on top of your deen for the past months and now all of a sudden you have a void. Well not anymore. We also have a 30-day Shawwal planner that allows you to continue on your spiritual streak!

  • Maintain your worship beyond Ramadan guide
  • 30 day Shawwal Planner
  • Worship time schedule split between morning, afternoon, evening and night
  • Daily worship checklist
  • Daily reflection space 



Bonus Sections

The planner has some awesome bonus content too. Got some bad habits you need to get rid of? Want to track your Sadaqah and Zakat giving? Are you planning any iftars for friends? Are you on your menses and need to know what to do when you can’t fast? A Qur’an roadmap anyone? Our bonus content will boost your Ramadan productivity!

  • Bad habits tracker
  • Charity tracker
  • Iftar event organiser
  • What to do when you can't fast!
  • Qur'an reading roadmap


Why Is This Planner So Different To Other Islamic or Ramadan Planners?

We’ve designed the Ramadan Legacy Planner with your aspirations at heart. It’s not overwhelming, it’s not a large checklist of all of the worship you need to do and it is not 20 hadiths combined together into a guide. It’s user-friendly, it takes you through a practical step-by-step walkthrough of recharging and renewing your deen and it’s Beautiful! On the inside and out we’ve focused on the Islamic design, the space and peace it brings to your life.


Here's What The Ramadan Planner Users Have To Say

Very happy with the design of the planner- looking forward to start journaling soon in preparation for Ramadan. Even order a second one as an Ramadan gift for my sister. - Abeer S. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What it describes on the webpage about the diary is not enough it carries more weight to it. If you really act upon this guidance then you will benefit from this dairy and ultimately from ramadhan. I would suggest everyone to buy it. - Eram K.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
This is going to be my third Ramadan calendar, very inspirational and helpful to get the most out of Ramadan and beyond. - Franka A.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I am excited to use this planner. It looks and feels amazing. Organization and intention is key to a productive Ramadan. This planner helps with both! May Allah accept our efforts. - Saneeya I.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The idea of the Ramadan Legacy Planners may be a sweet and simple idea but it really does help you navigate your days through Ramadan and beyond. Literally helps me be the best version of myself. - Fhozila M  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The book/diary has a beautiful embossed design on the front and invites you to open it up! A really helpful tool to help plan your ramadhan and carry on forward the good practices onwards InshaAllah.  A great gift for your friends and family too! - Saima M.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So Now It's Time For You To Take Action! Choose Your Edition & Have A Life Changing Ramadan

We hope that we’ve inspired you to take action in your life. Whether it’s the Towards Faith Planner you use to get closer to Allah or something else, we pray that we’ve provided some guidance, wisdom and direction on how you can become your best self.