[How To Use] The Reflection Deck: Reflect To Connect.

Take a moment to reflect on your life. Your day to day. How do you really feel about yourself? What about those around you? In ‘the age of connectivity’ how strong do you feel your relationships are? Do you really feel ‘connected’? Not only with others, but with your own self? And most importantly, with Allah?

What we are facing is the plugged-in paradox: we are becoming more connected and less connected at the same time. Idle moments on a commute that were once a chance to reflect are now absorbed by endless notifications. Those deep conversations we once had are now substituted with podcasts. Our touch screens have quite literally led us to losing touch.

We designed the Reflection Deck to bring back those beautiful moments of connection in our lives.

The cards allow you to unlock endless conversational possibilities, to connect with others, yourself and Allah with 150 prompts divided between three categories: personal, fun and light and deep questions.

How to use:

There are several ways to use these cards, and you can use your imagination and creativity to come up with even more imaginative ways to make the most of these cards.

Below is our recommended way to use the cards with a group (Zoom in to read!):


Use as a game

Put away your phones, switch off the TV, and use the light and funny prompts to get talking with your friends and family, or with your work colleagues as an ice-breaker activity to get the brain flowing.

Move beyond small talk and Invigorate existing relationships

Familiarity can make us lazy. Use the personal prompts to spark fresh conversations with the people closest to you.

Get to know others and yourself on a deeper level

Deepen your relationships with the deep question prompts that encourage people to share more, or use these yourself for personal reflection.

Wholesalers/ Distributors:

For bulk orders – 20 or more deck of cards – please email us - salaam@towardsfaith.com.

We’d Love Your Feedback:

We’re excited to release the Ramadan reflection deck and we can’t wait to hear stories from individuals and groups on how this deck has helped them connect with others, themselves and Allah.

To share your story (or any feedback) you have with these cards, please use #TOWARDS-FAITH or email us at salaam@towardsfaith.com with the subject line: Reflection Deck.

The cards are still a work in progress and we’d love your feedback to keep improving the quality and content of these cards striving for Ihsan (excellence) in sha Allah (God willing).