7 Things To Do Before 2019 Ends

7 Things To Do Before 2019 Ends

It doesn’t matter how the past year went starting a new year is always exciting. Maybe you can’t wait to start the new year because 2019 was very good for you and you have so many plans and goals for 2020 or maybe you really want this year to be over because it was very hard for you. Maybe something bad happened financially or maybe you or someone you love had health issues.

We don’t know which situation you are in but in both situations, you have to try to start the new year in the right way. Because the way you start something is a trigger in how it will end. If Allah is included in the beginning of your initiative or goal then he Insha'Allah will be there through it and at the end of it too.

Here are 7 things you can do to start 2020 in the right way!

1. Evaluate Your Relationship With Allah

The most important thing in our lives is our relationship with Allah! Being a Muslim is a really big blessing given to us from Allah. Now let's ask yourself; what did you do to honor this blessing? With an open heart evaluate your relationship with Allah in 2019. Do you feel like you are connected with Allah or do you think you lost your direction?

Do you feel connected with Allah only when you are doing your daily prayers or do you feel that connection in every aspect of your life?

2. What Did Allah Teach You in 2019?

Everything happened to you had a reason and life is full of good and bad things. When bad things happen it's really easy to forget the good things. Maybe you are feeling like 2019 was all bad and only bad things happened to you. But if you look close enough you could see the good and beautiful things.

Maybe you met a new friend who could understand you very well and very kind to you.

Maybe you helped someone or they helped you whether in a small or a big way.

Maybe you visited places you will never forget because you had really beautiful and meaningful memories there, or maybe you learned a new skill you really loved.

When you write down all the good things even when you feel like they are really small and not important will help you to see how full your life was in 2019.

So write down a "Gratitude List" of all the amazing things that happened to you this year and a "Learn List" of things that went wrong but the lesson you learned from it.

3. Forgive Yourself And Others

Sometimes people disappoint you or broke your heart. After those types of situations, you feel tremendous pain  and its really hard do let go and forgive. But not forgiving people can eat your heart and could steal your joy.

Doesn’t matter if she/he was your friend or a family member. Just forgive them. And be kind to yourself! Sometimes it’s not another person we can’t forgive. Sometimes we struggle to forgive ourselves because we felt like we disappointed ourselves, our family and Allah.

But Allah is the most merciful one. He is ready to forgive us if we ask His forgiveness. So if even Allah is ready to forgive you why can’t forgive yourself?

Write down a list of people you need to forgive or say sorry too and send those messages out!

4. Don't Give Up On Your 2019 Goals You Really Want To Accomplish!

Unfinished tasks and goals have a tremendous power to hunt you. When you feel like you didn’t do the things you wanted to do your mind can’t rest. When your mind is tired you can't focus on the new things.

Think about the goals you didn't achieve and IF you still want to achieve them, if not cross them out and put them to one side. However if you have a burning desire to still achieve a particular goal then carry it on into the new year!

5. Ask Yourself What Is Your 2020 Going To Look Like?

After reflecting on 2019 now its time to think about your 2020. What do you want to do in 2020? What is the biggest goal you could choose for yourself? What are the things you want to leave behind in 2019?

I don’t know what challenges you faced in 2019 but if you are ready to leave those challenges in 2019 for living a better 2020, how your new year could look like? Just close your eyes, dream it and when you can see it, write it down!

6. Define The Person You Want to Be in 2020?

This is very similar to the previous step but its wider. Before you set goals for the new year have you ask yourself what kind of person and what kind of Muslim you want to be in the new year?

Do you want to be a good parent or good son/daughter? Or do you want to be a good spouse, co-worker, neighbor? Or you finally decided to let go of your insecurities and start to do things you always want to do (traveling the world, starting your own business, or quitting your job and be a stay at home mum).

Think about the type of person you want to be that fits your vision for the Dunya (this world) and the Akhirat (the next world). 

7. Write Down Your 2020 Goals!

Some people call them goals, resolutions or dreams. It doesn’t matter what are you calling them, these are the things makes you very excited and happy. Open a bakery, finishing your degree, asking for a promotion, learning how to drive or swim. Whatever they are write those! down

When you write down your goals, write down a du'a and extra ibadah you are going to do to achieve those goals you really want.