Legacy Planner
Tutorial Guides

8-short videos where you will be personally coached on how to use each section of the planner.

We want to make sure you have the coaching you need to use the planner and have your most spiritual, productive and life changing Ramadan ever.

Welcome video

What’s inside the Ramadan Legacy Planner and what will we be covering in our short tutorial guides? Watch our welcome video now!

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It speaks to your heart page by page

Pre-Ramadan Stage

The Month of Sha’ban

The month of Sha’ban comes to honour the month of Ramadan, but how might we begin to spiritually prepare for Ramadan in this beautiful month? Watch the video on how to use the Sha’ban Habit Tracker in the planner.

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Prepare your spirit for Ramdan



Ramadan Knowledge Roadmap

The month of Ramadan is not like any other month; its transformational. Why is that? What makes Ramadan so special and why does it bring us unimaginable benefits? Find out why in the video.


A start full of Iman



Reflective Exercises
Before Ramadan

Self-reflection and contemplation helps us to unlock the depths of our heart. Through these reflective exercises you can begin to understand where you are now, where you want to go and how you can get there. Watch the video to find out more on how you can complete these exercises.  

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Prepare your spirit for Ramdan



Ramadan Goals

Setting a direction for your Ramadan is key to maximising the benefits of the month but how do we do that in a meaningful, simple and practical way that doesn’t feel like a chore? Find out more in the video on how to set your goals, du’as and habits for Ramadan. 

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Achieve a transformation



Ramadan Planner

How can you build a daily structure for success in Ramadan? This video showcases the main Ramadan Planner daily page and how you can use this to maximise your worship and reflection each day in Ramadan. 

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Plan a peaceful life



Ramadan Review & Eid 

How might we review and evaluate our spirituality in Ramadan and create a practical action plan for the rest of the year? Learn how to complete two simple exercises that allow you to take stock of what you learned in Ramadan and experience an eid in accordance with the sunnah. 

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Celebrate Eid with a new self



Shawwal Tracker

Ramadan is over what now? Learn how to use our simple double-page Shawwal Habit Tracker to help you to continue those spiritual habits even after the month of Ramadan. 

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The journey goes on

you’ve made it! 

Jazakallah Khair for watching our tutorial guides on how to use the Ramadan Legacy Planner.

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