Meet Towards Faith

Seven Years Into The Mission

We began our journey through helping Muslims to learn, love and live their faith through the month of Ramadan. We believed that Ramadan is a journey towards Allah, it inspires and transforms us to become the best of who we are. However, we realised that Ramadan is only a part of that journey.

Our Ramadan Legacy mobile app, planners and courses helped hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the world to journey towards Allah in a reflective, practical and meaningful way. We perfected our Ramadan products over the past 6-years and created educational products that Muslims actually loved to use. 

However, one of the phrases that our audience said to us repeatedly time and time again was: “Can you build products to help us for the rest of the year?”. We were always scared to pivot because we didn’t want to lose sight of the importance of Ramadan and the spiritual miracles it brings into our lives; but then we realised that even though, yes, Ramadan is a journey towards Allah - it is only a part of that journey.

That journey is Towards Faith and we’re now on a mission to not only bring you self-improvement tools in Ramadan but throughout the rest of the year and particularly for your personal challenges and times when you need it the most. 

Where Faith Meets Practical Life Advice

So often we hear the words:

“I feel hardness in my heart”
“I feel that my faith has hit rock bottom”
“I do not find any joy in worship”
“I struggle to find time for working on my faith and need more practical tools to work on it” 

Even if we understand that Islam provides a solution our everyday challenges, we struggle to find practical life advice and tools to help us overcome them. We have a theoretical awareness of our journey towards Allah and of our ultimate destination, but we find ourselves disoriented amidst all the challenges and puzzles of life.

Where do we turn to for advice when making a life decision? Or if we have had a bad day at work or an argument with a friend? Or if we are struggling daily to find fulfilment and flow?

Even though we understand that faith offers support and self-connectivity, building resilience and skills for life, we seem to have nowhere to turn to. Practical tools and advice that translate knowledge into action are missing along with a lack of contemporary self-improvement in Muslim educational practice. 

Equipping Ourselves for Long Lasting Spiritual Change

Allah says in the Qur’an: 

“But he who desires the Hereafter and strives for it in the manner he should, and is a true believer, his striving will come to fruition.” [17:19] 

When we plan to go on a road trip with our family, we make sure that we have the right plan and tools that would help us reach our destination. Likewise, in order for us to reach our ultimate destination - Paradise - we need to have the right tools and guidance to make it there, and the two important keys to Paradise are knowledge and action. These are inseparable from each other and go hand-in-hand. 

While many of us might have got our hands on the first key, we find it difficult to hold onto the second one. We sometimes lose that balance between knowledge and action which is quite normal to happen because faith, as mentioned in an authentic hadith of the Prophet (ﷺ), tends to wear out like a cloth and is not always at one station. But for many of us, this is not the only concern, and it is important to differentiate this from our core difficulty in order to help us find the right solution for it. This core problem is about finding a balance between Deen and Dunya in our lives. We may be in the best state in our faith and yet find that lack of practising and doing more good deeds, simply because we don’t know how we can do them according to our best abilities and we don’t know how to make a personalized spiritual regiment for ourselves. 

Ramadan Legacy ➡️ Towards Faith

Understanding all of these problems, we’ve built Towards Faith - an educational lifestyle company that builds meaningful and practical self-improvement tools to help you journey towards your faith in all aspects of your day to day life. 

Our new name and mission now reflect better to who we were already building for - Muslims who want to become the best version of themselves through practically implementing the knowledge of Islam - now into their everyday lives as well. 

The Ramadan range of our products won’t end here, because as we believe and said, Ramadan is only a part of the journey. Ramadan Legacy will now become a branch of Towards Faith along with its other brand-new branches like work, relationships, spirituality and more. We can’t wait to introduce them to you all! 

Our logo has been changed, and all of our social media handles will be renamed - we will now be called Towards Faith. Beyond that, you’ll notice some new colours, words, and designs. 

Bismillah for the new journey...